For Spiritual People,
By Spiritual People.

A Mystic’s Tale is a modern platform that encourages people to embrace their inner mystic. While there are many corners of the internet where us spiritual people mingle, there aren’t many designated platforms for us to come together and meet like minded individuals.

Until Now.

Bringing You Modern Social Technology

Connecting with like-minded individuals should be comfortable and easy.
We’ve combined many loved features from popular social media platforms and integrated them with our own.

Explore Our Features

• Customizable User Profiles
• Post Status Activity Updates (with moods, photos, gifs, and more!)
• Comment and React to Posts
• Create Photo Albums
• Add Friends or Follow Creators You Love
• Open Forum for Deeper Discussions
• Join Groups
• Create Blog Posts & Read Blogs
• User Contributed Wiki
• Participate in Challenges
• Save Content You Love

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Join The Community

We invite you to join us on this exciting new adventure into a new generation of
social media that welcomes spirituality as an integrated part of society.
Come learn and grow with us!

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